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Thailand Gap Internships- New Opportunities for Divers!

As we roll into the hottest part of the year, the weather has been an absolute scorcher, but the diving remains good. It won’t be long until the giants of the sea, the whalesharks, make their way past Koh Tao on their migratory routes.

Mark and I have just finished the new group of IDC candidates on Koh Tao and they all experienced success on the PADI Instructor exam. Yesterday, we began the MSDT internship with an introduction to technical diving with our friends on the MV Trident. Today we’ll be doing the Enriched Air (Nitrox) Instructor course along with the Deep Instructor training.

Staff Instructors Roman and Shayne. New PADI Instructors- Reuben, Chris, Graham, Kristien, Gao, Malin, Dan, Shifa, Chen, Lydia and me…

We’re really excited about the upcoming Cave Diving Trip to Khao Sok National Park. Cave Diving definitely isn’t for the fainthearted! It’s something I did a bit of ages ago in Mexico and loved, but then more-or-less forgot about. It turns out that some of the top cave diving in the world has been laying untouched just a half day’s journey away. The techies in the area have just started getting involved in the last year or so and are HUGELY impressed.

Khao Sok National Park- Possibly, Asia’s New Cave Diving Hub!

I’ll be going with a few of the interns to scope it out and hope to start offering cave diving packages on Thailand Gap Year Internships soon.

Accommodation for the cave diving trips…

Inside the caves in Khao Sok

In other news, Tom is just beginning his Freediving course today with Monica, Steph and Declan are on Day 3 of their BSAC Professional HD Underwater Videographer course, and Riccardo and Mikeala are just finishing off their video internship. Irish Dave’s just finished his Rescue course and begun the Divemaster training. Erik’s taking a bit of time completing his PADI Divemaster course and is making money on the side as a professional photographer- he was just commissioned by PADI to do a photo shoot with some of the local dive girls in the new PADI bikinis. We’ve also retained him to shoot some photos from the Muay Thai events.

The Muay Thai interns are hard at work. Yesterday, Doyle made his way to the island. Sam has taken a break- something to do with falling off his motorbike- and Jay will be starting his training shortly.

All-in-all, the crew from TGI are full steam ahead!

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