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Muay Thai Fighters Kicking into Koh Tao’s High Season!

The passing of the July Full Moon party last week, usually signals the start of summer high season on Koh Tao and this year has been no exception. The weather is stunning, the sea conditions are amazing and we have our hottest months behind us.

Pi Toon, Bang, James, Surin, Samart and the rest of the Koh Tao Muay Thai crew have been busy training the world’s most popular martial art- Muay Thai- to loads of new backpackers. The current crop all have various levels of experience- from complete novices all the way up to professional fighters.

The Gulf of Thailand’s most popular Muay Thai camp has been rocking lately, with a good vibe and everyone seems to be enjoying getting into shape. Even the newbies seem to be embracing the pain which is invariably part of the sport. A constant barrage of sore muscles, bruises and body aches attests to the old axiom, “No pain, no gain.”


Muay Thai Trainer, Bang, putting his student through the grinder!

Muay Thai Trainer, Bang, putting his student through the grinder!


We started off the high season with our first July fight night on the 10th with 8 fights including a first fight for Ross,one of our trainees from England. A few of our trainers also took to the ring to show their mettle and inspire their students. It was a busy night at the Muay Thai stadium as most of Koh Tao’s residents were on hand to witness some great fights and have a few cheeky beers afterwards (to celebrate some successes in the ring!)

Fight Night, July 10th- Koh Tao Island Muay Thai

First ever Muay Thai fight- a win!!

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