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Thailand Gap Internships Trainee Films and Works on Koh Tao!

Here is the story of another one of Thailand Gap Internship’s successful interns…

Ben, Thailand Gap Internships Videographer- on the rocks!

Ben, Thailand Gap Internships Videographer- on the rocks!

Ben arrived on Koh Tao from New Zealand in March of this year at the tender age of 18. He was determined to spend some time learning new skills and enjoying himself before resuming his University studies back at home. Ben began his Pro Videographer Internship during one of the most destructive floods that the island has ever witnessed. Nonetheless, he soon became passionate about both diving and filming underwater. As the bad weather subsided and the sun and fun resumed, Ben also fell in love with the island. His positive attitude and engaging personality soon made him a favorite of the Koh Tao Professional Underwater Video team at TGI.

Working-videographer-Koh Tao

Ben, hard at work...

As┬áhe wasn’t due to begin school until early in 2012, we offered him a job working with us as a Professional Underwater Videographer. He’s since managed to win over the dive staff of all the dive centers that he’s filmed for.

In time, Ben found new outlets to explore his love of the sea. After finishing his Freediving Training, he was employed by the video team to film freedivers as they finished their courses. This, in addition to his filming our Scuba Diver trainees.


Learning to Freedive

For the last few months, he has been working full-time as a Pro Videographer with us.

flying trapeze, jobs, asia

When he's not Filming while Scuba Diving or Freediving, Ben moonlights as a catcher on the Flying Trapeze!

But the story doesn’t end there. Awhile back, the crew took an afternoon off and had a go on the Flying Trapeze– another TGI attraction. On this day, Ben was awakened to a new thrill! Fast forward 6 weeeks and Ben has become a catcher on the trapeze, earning money doing yet another adventure sport that he loves.

After a day filming scuba divers and freedivers on Koh Tao

A nervous beer under the watchful eye of his boss...

We all love having Ben around and he has truly been embracing everything that Koh Tao has to offer. We wish him luck as he works with us through the current high season and know he will do well at all of his pursuits in the future!

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