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Thailand Gap Internships Goes Cave Diving!

On the 7th and 8th,  I took a few of our dive interns on a trip with some friends from the MV Trident unlike any I’ve ever done. We spent 2 days doing some of the most amazing freshwater cave diving available in Asia!

Just a 4 hour journey by boat and bus from Koh Tao is one of Thailand‘s lesser-known treasures- Khao Sok National Park. The limestone cliffs and virgin forests have been around for millenia, but this place has just popped up on the radar for scuba divers recently. In 1980, a large area of the jungle was flooded in order to make a hydroelectric dam to supply power to southern Thailand. A small group of people were displaced and up to 6 villages were submerged by as much as 96 meters of water. None have yet been found by divers.

Me at the entrance to Elephant Belly cave

What has been discovered is an amazing number of cave systems offering warm, clear waters that will rival any in the world. Temple Cave, which we dived has multiple entry points and we explored passageways as deep s 100 meters in. It was absolutely stunning.

Sunset over Khao Sok…

We also dived in a submerged forest, through the treetops and around the trunks of trees that had survived hundreds of years prior to the flooding of the valley. Most still stood after 30 years underwater! It was easily the most surreal, mind-blowing dive I’ve ever done…

The visibility was murky at the surface and near the cave entrances, however as you made your way to the undisturbed waters of the cave interiors, it was stunning. There were catfish holed up in some of the caves that were bigger than us!

Accommodation at the water village- simple but set amidst some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere.

Diving off of long tail boats- some of us were on twin sets and others were on single tanks…

Having spent over a decade in Thailand, I don’t often get too excited to see something new, but the beauty of this park was breathtaking.

Thailand Gap Internships will soon be offering monthly trips with our diving interns as an added bonus complete with the requisite Cavern Diver training.

Thanks to Pete and Craig for a great trip. I can’t wait to rejoin you guys for some more great diving in the future!

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