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Koh Tao Professional Underwater Videographer Course Update

The Thailand Gap Year Internships Professional HD Underwater Videographer Courses are in full swing! Our trainers
had the month of June off as it’s traditionally the quietest month of the year, but July is keeping them busy! Doug,
Jason and Katie have all gotten underway. Doug is finishing up his Pro Video internship while Katie and Jason are
just getting stuck into the 2 week course.

Autumn joins the Thailand Gap Internships Team as a Video Trainer

New Pro HD Underwater Video Trainer, Autumn!

The team has spent the last 3 months training up Autumn as the 3rd BSAC Professional HD Underwater Video Instructor on Koh Tao. She’s proven herself to be a great videographer over the past 5 years and was ready to make the step to teaching. Outgoing, experienced and full of energy, Autumn has been an absolute pleasure to have around. In every regard, she has proven to be an outstanding addition to the team!

In other big news, our video team will soon be occupying a new custom built office. Though, we just expanded our
current space 18 months ago, we’re already starting to feel the pinch. As TGI has purchased a bit of hillside land
overlooking the sea, we thought it would be a good idea to use the new location to house the video studio. In the
future we’ll also be constructing our student housing on the property. Everyone’s looking forward to getting settled
into the new office which we expect to be complete by the beginning of August. It’ll be a nice reward for a team
that’s been working so hard to train outstanding underwater videographers!

New Professional Underwater Video Studio on Koh Tao

The new home of the TGI Underwater Video Team!

View from the new HD Video offices

Overlooking the sea to one side and the jungle to the other...

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