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Thailand Gap Internships Team Enjoys a Night Out at the Muay Thai Fights!

Last night the crew from Thailand Gap Year Internships headed down to Monsoon Gym and Muay Thai Camp to check out the progress of the newest Muay Thai fight trainees. It was the last pre-high-season fight night that we’ll see for awhile, but there seemed to be people coming out of the woodwork for it, as the boxing arena was pretty full. Whispers around the island were that this billing was exceptionally strong, and that proved to be the case. The 8 fights were all packed with action- and for the first time I can remember, all ended in a stoppage.

Muay Thai fight training- Koh Tao, Thailand

He came all the way from Sweden just to get into a fight...

Fight training at Thailand Gap Internships Koh Tao

Would you want to step in the ring with this guy?

We had a group of 3 fighters who arrived on from Sweden last month to do a 1 month  Koh Tao Muay Thai internship and wanted to end their time on the island with a real Thai Boxing bout. They all had previous experience in traditional boxing which helped them tremendously. There were also 2 fighters from England who are completing their gym training and wanted a chance to showcase their skills. Each of the guys did well, with 4 winning by knockout. The fifth found out that he needs a bit more training!

Fight night at Sairee Muay Thai Stadium, Koh Tao

Just before Daniel scored his first Koh Tao knockout...

In addition, there were 3 other fights pitting some of the biggest Thai names in the region against each other. They too, all ended in knockouts. All in all, it was a great evening of Koh Tao Muay Thai action!

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