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Welcome Back Amber…Here’s a Whaleshark!!!

Amber, resident underwater videographer/ videographer trainer, who conveniently went on an extended holiday during one of the busiest time’s in┬áthe ┬áhistory of Thailand Gap Internships, was greeted to a lovely Whaleshark on her first dive back on Koh Tao. The cheek!!

whaleshark koh tao thailand

Colleagues Elisabeth and Aidy, who were working flat out for the last two weeks straight and who were granted no such gift, were understandably unimpressed. To punish her for such irritating good fortune, Amber was charged with organizing the underwater video training as well as the filming of the shops’ open water courses for the foreseeable future.

But in all seriousness, it’s great to have Amber’s ubercool style and impeccable sense of humor back around the office. Welcome back, jammy girl!!!

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