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Thailand Gap Year Internships Internship- February Update

With the return of the great weather for the best part of 2010, the staff from Thailand Gap Year Internships has been in full swing! The sunshine and clear, flat seas make all of the Koh Tao training programs seem to run smoother.


A few days ago we started our February Instructor Development Course (IDC) on Koh Tao with 5 eager IDC candidates. In marked contrast to last month’s group which all hailed from different countries, 4 out of 5 of these guys are Americans with one Belgian thrown in four good measure. As it’s a relatively small group, and because they have all completed their Divemaster Internship with us, we anticipate an easy, enjoyable few weeks on the IDC. Afterwards we expect them all to stick around to complete the MSDT Internship with us to gain further experience before going out into the world to teach diving!


In other news, the video team at Oceans Below┬áis still hard at work at the business of training underwater videographers. Colby is still around and finishing up his Pro HD Underwater Videographer Internship and we have (strangely enough) 2 more Americans in the shop- Dave and Erik. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that there are so many yanks around at the moment- or maybe something else is at play here…??? Aidy has just completed an Underwater Photo course with a couple of Advanced Open Water divers from Koh Tao Easy Divers. They thoroughly enjoyed the course and had some fantastic results! All of the photos on this article were taken by Aidy’s students.


Monica and the freediving team are also in high gear with loads of Freedive Master Trainees around the shop. Everyone enjoys having a few more people around so that they can take the boat out on special trips to more remote locations as well as the positive social aspects!


Tomorrow will be a fight night at the Muay Thai stadium . Our own Kerri who has been training in the sport for many months now will get into the ring to face off against an opponent for her first fight ever- we wish her luck!

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