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Thailand Gap Internships- Muay Thai Night on Koh Tao

Last night saw the Monsoon Gym and Muay Thai Camp’s second fight night of the month with 8 great Muay Thai bouts at our stadium. It seems like all of Koh Tao showed up to see the super-charged fights. All of our professional Muay Thai trainers were successful in their fights with people from throughout Thailand.

For those who aren’t familiar, Muay Thai is virtual rite of passage for many young Thai men who train from an early age to gain not only fighting skills and conditioning, but responsibility, discipline and respect for their opponents. We usually highlight two local island boys who train hard and want a chance to practice their art in front of  the rest of the island’s residents. The lucky two kicked off the card with a great fight which saw them both perform admirably and with honor. They took it very seriously and were rewarded with a rousing ovation from an appreciative audience. Some photos from the night…


Koh Tao Island kids on a night out.

Thai kids learn Muay Thai from an early age…

One of our Muay Thai trainers on his way to victory.

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