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DSAT technical diving internship in Thailand

Technical Diving Program | 2 Weeks | 85,000 baht

The technical diving program includes:

  • DSAT Tec Deep technical diving training
  • 4 day technical diving expedition
  • 2 weeks accommodation
  • Rental of all technical diving equipment
  • All course materials and certification
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Thailand Technical Diving Training & Expedition: Overview

Thailand technical diving trainingOver past centuries countless typhoons and wars have littered the Gulf of Thailand with hundreds of lost ship wrecks. Military vessels, giant cargo ships, ancient Chinese Junks and even a WW2 Submarine have been found, with many more wrecks waiting to be discovered. Usually these wrecks lie in very remote areas, hundreds of kilometers from shore at depths beyond the limits of recreational divers.

This two week program trains you to make deep technical dives using multiple cylinders to extend your bottom time, exploring deeper for longer. You’ll learn how to complete decompression stops to safely ascend to the surface, using nitrox gas blends and pure oxygen to either accelerate of enhance the conservatism of your decompression profile.

This diving internship add-on concludes with you joining a technical wreck diving expedition in the Gulf of Thailand. Diving from a fully equipped tech live-aboard vessel you’ll dive as part of a team of technical divers, exploring remote wrecks which few people will ever see.

The training and diving are very physically and mentally strenuous. This program is not for everyone, but if you’ve got what it takes this really is the adventure of a lifetime.

Pre-requisites to join the Koh Tao Technical Diving Internship

Technical diving training in Koh TaoTo apply for our technical diving internship on Koh Tao, you must satisfy the following requirements:

If you don't already meet this pre-requisites but are interested in taking part, drop us an email - we'll help coordinate whatever pre-program training you require.

What's included in the Technical Diving Program?

Let's take a look at each in detail:

Technical Diving Training

The training component of this technical diving program is completion of the 8 day / 12 dive DSAT Tec Deep Course.
The course certifies you to make deep air decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50m, using nitrox blends containing up to 100% oxygen to accelerate your deco schedule or enhance the safety of your dives. The course features theory, shallow water skills and drills and building up deep diving experience on Koh Tao’s local wrecks.

In the theory sessions you’ll cover all important concepts including equipment configuration for tech diving, gas management, physiological issues, dive profile planning and narcosis management.

Then in shallow water you’ll be working on developing motor skills, familiarizing you with the tech diving rig. Skills include gas switching, emergency shutdown drills, deploying a lift bag and executing your dive profile to exact times and depths.

To finish the DSAT Tec Deep course we’ll head out to the Unicorn Wreck north of Koh Tao, where you’ll develop experience of diving at depth, following a real decompression schedule and performing gas switches on ascent.

Technical Diving Expedition

Once your skills and theory are complete you’ll join a tech diving live-aboard expedition as part of a team of technical divers. This 4 day expedition will visit remote locations in the Gulf of Thailand where you’ll be making deep decompression dives right down to 50m.
You’ll be diving on pristine wrecks which have been visited by very few divers (if any). Wrecks include military vessels, cargo transports and ancient wooden wrecks, plus we often see whale sharks around the wrecks  – diving doesn’t get better than this.

Thailand Technical Diving Internship: Booking Procedure

The technical diving internship program can only be run on certain dates, when conditions are suitable for deep decompression diving (especially with regards to the 4 day expedition). If you're interested in finding out more information, and what trips are planned for coming months, please drop us an email.


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