Thailand Sailing Course & Ang Thong National Park Trip

Gap year Thailand sailing course in Koh Tao

Thailand Sailing Course & Ang Thong National Park Expedition | 8 Days | 30,000 baht

Our Thailand sailing course package includes:

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 5 day sailing course
  • 3 day Ang Thong expedition
  • All course materials
  • All lunches aboard the yacht during the Ang Thong Marine Park expedition

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Gap Year Thailand Sailing Course & Expedition: Overview

Gap year Thailand sailing courseOur 8 day sailing course and expedition package combines sailing training with the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned during and expedition to one of Thailand’s most spectacular island groups.

First, from our base on Koh Tao we’ll coach you through an intensive 5 day sailing course. You’ll learn all the important basic principles of sailing, benefiting from the vast firsthand experience of our experienced sailing trainers. Practical sessions of the sailing course will be conducted onboard the SY Yun Khan – a 34’ sloop, fully equipped for ocean voyages.

At the end of 5 days once you’re sailing course is complete, you’ll put your new skills and knowledge to the test during a 3 day sailing expedition. We’ll visit Ang Thong National Park 35 miles south-west of Koh Tao - one of the most spectacular destinations in Thailand. Comprising more than 40 small islands, Ang Thong National Park has sheer limestone cliffs, untouched powder white sand beaches, and dense jungle. Navigating through Ang Thong National Park is the perfect way to cap your gap year sailing experience

Let’s take a look at each stage in greater detail:

Gap Year Sailing Course

gap year Thailand The 5 day sailing course covers all important sailing basics traditionally taught in a competent crew course.

The idea of the course is to provide as much practical sailing training as possible. (Clearly, in five days you’re not going to become a fully trained skipper – the objective of the sailing course is to give you a solid foundation in the basics of sailing, allowing you to perform as a competent crew member).

We’ll be covering both theory and practical application out on the ocean aboard the SY Yun Khan. Topics will include:

The Sailing Training Vessel | SY Yun Khan

Sailing courses in Koh Tao ThailandYou’ll be learning and practicing these sailing skills in Koh Tao’s coastal waters aboard the SY Yun Khan training vessel.

She is a 34’ Australian built Boden Temptress, with a maximum capacity of 10 people plus captain. The yacht is ideal for the sailing course as it uses the most common rigging configuration found in the sailing world.

The yacht is comfortable with double cabin, toilet, swimmer/diver platform, all navigation, communication and emergency equipment for ocean voyages and capable of cruising at 5 knots.

The yachts sailing robe is chosen based on wind and weather conditions, with available sails including the mainsail, Genoa, asymmetric spinnaker, jibs (big, small and storm) and Try sail. Throughout your sailing course you'll take part in assessing local conditions and choosing the best sail configuration.

Ang Thong National Park Expedition

Ang Thong National park ThailandApplying what you’ve learned during the sailing course we’ll make a three day sailing voyage to Ang Thong National Park. You’ll be assisting as crew aboard the yacht, taking responsibility for sailing duties and helping assure the success of the voyage.
The scenery of Ang Thong national park is truly spectacular. The island group is one of the most impressive attractions in all of Thailand with turquoise bays, powder sand beaches, limestone cliffs, palm trees and impressive jungle.

We’ll stay on one of the islands for two nights giving you chance to explore the scenic viewpoints, caves, beaches and jungle trails. Each day lunch will be provided aboard the yacht. Breakfast and dinner are enjoyed in the Park Rangers restaurant where there is a choice of food and drinks - to keep things simple you choose & pay for your own breakfast and dinner.

For full details of the 3 day expedition, check out our Ang Thong National Park sailing expedition page.


As part of the package you’ll get 8 nights accommodation.

The first 5 nights will be spent on Koh Tao (whilst you’re taking your sailing course). You’ll get your own fan room – clean and comfortable with double bed, electric fan and en suite western bathroom.

Then, during 6th and 7th nights we’ll be on the Ang Thong National Park expedition, spending two nights in the marine park. This will be very comfortable tented accommodation, directly on the beach of one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. The park rangers prepare tents for us – very pleasant with mattress, mosquito nets and warm blankets. Staying in the marine park is an amazing experience.

Finally on day 8, we’ll return to Koh Tao during the evening, where one more night of fan room accommodation is provided.

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