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Learn to scuba dive in Koh Tao Thailand

PADI Open Water Course on Koh Tao | 4 Days | 9,800 baht

Our Koh Tao learn to dive package includes:

  • 4 day PADI Open Water Diver course [theory, shallow water skills & 4 open water dives]
  • 4 nights accommodation [your own clean comfortable fan room]
  • Rental of all scuba diving equipment
  • PADI dive certification card
  • PADI Open Water manual and dive table
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Koh Tao PADI Open Water Course - Learn to Scuba Dive: Overview

Koh Tao Padi open water courseIf you've never tried scuba diving before get ready to be amazed. Koh Tao is home to an incredible variety of tropical marine life - bright coral reefs, moray eels, blue spotted sting rays, masses of colorful reef fish, and even big marine species such as barracuda and the biggest fish in the sea - the whale shark!

The first step in scuba diving is the PADI Open Water course, which takes you from beginner then over the 4 day course gives you the knowledge and skills to become a safe diver, having a great time along the way! Conducted at one of Koh Tao's PADI 5 Star Dive Centers, you'll be taught in small groups [max 4 students], by very experienced western scuba diving instructors.

There's no better place to learn to dive than here in Koh Tao - warm tropical water, calm seas, lots to see underwater, clean comfortable accommodation and a paradise island atmosphere on land. And best of all, fantastic value for money!

Once you qualify as a PADI Open Water diver, you have an internationally recognized dive certification which allows you to scuba dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters [60 feet], with a buddy in conditions similar to those in which you were trained [i.e. warm tropical water]. So if you're planning to travel further you're ready and able to enjoy diving through South East Asia, Australia and beyond.

Let's take a look at exactly what's included and involved.

What's Included in the Ko Tao PADI Open Water Course Package

[PADI Open Water Diving Course]

Koh Tao Padi diving coursePADI's open water diver course involves a mix of diving theory, shallow water skills then 4 amazing open water dives on the tropical coral reefs around Koh Tao. Let's discuss each step:

Open Water Diving Theory

We'll watch some videos and discuss the content, answering a few simple questions to make sure you understand the content. We'll be covering topics such as safe diving practices, how scuba diving equipment works and how pressure affects your body. We'll also look at potential problems of scuba diving and how to avoid them, focusing on using PADI's recreational dive planner to determine the maximum depth and bottom time for each of our dives.

The theory section finishes with a short exam to verify your understanding. It's pretty straightforward - the minimum age for the PADI open water course is 10 years old so you probably won't find the quiz too challenging!

Shallow Water Skills Session

Now it's time to get your scuba gear on and head into shallow water. After getting used to breathing underwater we'll run through more than 20 skills to get you comfortable using scuba gear. This will start with some simple exercises such as learning how to clear water from your mask and regulator, and how to equalize your ears to stay comfortable as you descend into deeper water.

Scuba diving Koh Tao ThailandWe'll also work on buoyancy skills - that means adjusting how much weight you're wearing and how much air you add to your jacket, combined with breathing control to adjust your position in the water, with the objective of hovering motionlessly in mid-water.

You'll practice some emergency procedures and learn a few practical skills such as cramp removal and how to assist a tired dive buddy. You'll also become familiar communicating underwater through the use of hand signals!

4 Open Water Dives

Having mastered all those skills in shallow water, it's time for the best bit - four open water dives. The first two dives will be to a maximum depth of 12 meters, then for the last two dives we can get right down to 18 meters. For each dive you can expect to be underwater for about 45 minutes, depending on your air consumption.

For each dive, weather permitting we'll head to a different dive site so you get to see all of Koh Tao's amazing underwater marine life. Coral reef fish, turtles, pelagic species, sharks, sea snakes and eels, caves, pinnacles, shallow reefs and more - if you've never tried diving, the underwater world is more incredible than you could ever imagine.

During the last two dives of your course, an underwater videographer will accompany you, documenting your diving experiences. After the dives are over, they'll edit the footage together with music, and we'll enjoy watching your diving movie, enjoyed with a few well deserved cold beers that evening, relaxing in one of Koh Tao' island style beach bars. What could be better!

Accommodation with your PADI Open Water Course

Thailand gap year diving courseFor the 4 nights of your Koh Tao PADI open water course, we'll arrange clean, comfortable accommodation within 2-3 minutes walk of the dive shop and beach. This will be your own place with 24 hour electricity and fan, with en suite western bathroom.

Everything you need is within close walking distance - restaurants, shops, ATMs, the dive school and beach.

Course Materials & PADI Open Water Diver Certification Card

Our package price has no hidden extras. You'll get you own copy of the PADI Open Water diving manual and PADI recreational dive planner [used to plan dives]. Also included in the price is the PADI dive certification card.

The only additional thing you'll need is two passport sized photographs of yourself, which we add to your certification card and training record.


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