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Thailand Gap Internships- Instructor/ Divemaster Candidates Have a Night Out!

The renowned, monthly tradition on Koh Tao has long been to have a big, blow-out party in celebration the new PADI Instructors on the day that they’ve passsed their PADI Instructor Exam. But a lesser known island ritual is the ‘practice IE party’. As a way of blowing off some steam near the end of the Instructor Development Course (IDC), the guys get together for a night of bowling, petanque and socializing at the local funhouse.

IDC Candidate Simon with PADI Course Director Darius

IDC Candidate Sara

We finished the IDC with a day on the boat practicing Open Water presentations before heading out. This month, the turnout was huge and it was definitely a night to remember. Mark and Darius, as usual, won the petanque challenge. For those who don’t know- petanque is a geriatric game played mostly as a way to work up a thirst for French wine!

PADI Divemaster Trainee Sarah and PADI Staff Instructor Gannon

Candidate Tommo and IDC Staff Chris…

We then had a day off followed by the EFR Instructor course. The IDC Koh Tao¬†group is just now finishing up the Mock IE and will begin the real deal tomorrow afternoon. The 19th should bring us full circle with the year’s penultimate PADI Instructor Exam party! Best of luck to all the guys!

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