Thailand 1 Month Package

Thailand 1 month

One Month Ultimate Combination Package | 89,000 baht

Package includes:

  • Transfer from Bangkok
  • Pick-up and Island Orientation
  • 1 month Accommodation
  • 1 month motorbike/push bike rental
  • Phone with pre-programmed SIM
  • Basic Freediver Training Course
  • Advanced Freediver Training Course
  • Static Apnea Workshop
  • PADI Open Water Course
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Course
  • Flying Trapeze Adventure- 4 sessions
  • Wakeboarding/waterskiing- 4 sessions
  • Rock Climbing/abseiling/bouldering- 7 sessions
  • 1 week of Muay Thai Training- 7 sessions
  • Full personal set of new Muay Thai gear

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Ultimate 1 Month Thailand Adventure Package: Introduction

Thailand month long gap year program includes apnea freedivingThis program is for adrenaline junkies who want a taste of all that Koh Tao has to offer. Over the course of 1 month, you'll have some flexibility which will allow you to pursue multiple programs at the same time and leave with a collection of skills and thrills that will have your head-spinning for the rest of your life!

>> You'll get a chance to complete our 1 week Basic and Advanced Freediver Courses including the Static Apnea workshop. Participants who complete this training typically are able to achieve breath hold times of 4 minutes or more and depths of 30- 40 meters (100-133 feet)! The sea will literally be your classroom and you'll be given a recognized certification from the most renowned Freedive training center in the world!

1 month Thailand adventure>> The PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver courses will be completed over 1 week and will result in an internationally recognized dive certification from the most respected training agency on the planet. Koh Tao's waters are teeming with amazing fish life- turtles, black tip and bull sharks, seahorses, whale sharks and much more... During this training you'll get the opportunity to dive with our team of experienced instructors who will teach you how to interact positively with the marine environment and allow you to get comfortable with Advanced dive skills. These courses will allow you to dive independently to depths of up to 30 meters for the rest of your life!

>> Then you can join us in training for one of the toughest combat sports on the planet- Muay Thai! Aficionados of fight sports from all disciplines come to Thailand to learn the intricacies of the devastating knee and elbow strikes which, when delivered properly, can stop a combatant dead in his tracks. In the world of MMA and K-1 you'll see the tell-tale Thai lettering on the shorts of fighters giving tribute to their Muay Thai backgrounds...

Koh Tao rock climbing as part of the one month package>> One week of rock climbing and bouldering mixed in with some refreshing water-skiing/wakeboarding sessions will follow. Whether you're an experienced climber or a complete novice to the sport, you'll have a great time taking in the stunning island scenery from some of our famous granite rock formations.

Our climb instructors have extensive training and experience in both the Aussie and English military and will help you push your personal limits on the rocks!

>>Just in case that doesn't fulfill your need for adrenaline, you'll also get 4 sessions on our flying trapeze! From 10 meters, up you'll launch yourself into the world of the aerial performer and will learn to do a number of tricks (including being caught- high off the ground) with the guidance of our experienced flying team! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Optional Add-On | Powerboat Handling License

Powerboat handling training in Koh TaoYou can add on an additional week to your training to complete the BSAC Powerboat Handler course.

This course will teach you the ins and outs of boat handling and trouble-shooting, safety procedures and international boat handling protocols. Your ticket will license you to drive boats of up to 10 meters in length anywhere in the world! Our fiberglass boat is fitted out for both scuba activities and wakeboarding and is powered by twin Yamaha 115 engines- definitely a handful!

Additional Powerboat Handling License- 33,000 THB (including bike/accomm)

Thailand 1 Month Package - Accommodation

Throughout the training you will stay in one of our Adventure rooms which are new, clean and include a fan, en suite Western bathroom, hot water and double bed, wardrobe and balcony. You'll be able to get around the island on either a push bike or a motor scooter (your choice) and can join us for a free weekly barbecue at our Adventure Restaurant which is a great place to hang-out after a tough day of climbing, wakeboarding, fighting, diving or flying!


Book your gap year Thailand internship Video of Koh Tao Thailand gap year internships Why Koh Tao Thailand