Gap Year Thailand | Koh Tao Rock Climbing Courses

Rock climbing Koh Tao

Koh Tao Rock Climbing Course & Adventure | 1 Week | 20,000 baht

Our Koh Tao Rock Climbing course package includes:

  • Rock Course I - beginner top rope climbing
  • Rock II Course - Advanced anchor building
  • Bouldering training
  • Island view abseil experience
  • Yoga session & Thai massage
  • 1 weeks accommodation
  • Full equipment rental
  • All course materials
  • Koh Tao rock climbing t-shirt

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Koh Tao Rock Climbing Course & Adventure: Overview

Gap year rock climbing course in ThailandRock climbing today is a complex sport complete with its own vocabulary and equipment that have come about over decades of experimentation.

There are many skills to be learnt before anyone can claim to be a confident and competent all-round climber. These encompass the physical, technical and mental strengths that the sport draws upon.

The process of gaining new skills in each of these areas never stops, our 1 week program gives you a good all-round start.

Through the week we will introduce you to a whole new world, exploring the beautiful sea cliffs and jungle rocks Koh Tao has to offer.

You will become familiar with a range of climbing styles, equipment, techniques and terminology, with all activities conducted by our internationally trained staff.

Above all the sport should bring enjoyment and fulfillment to all those who practice it. Each day on the rock should bring a little more fun, an opportunity to learn new skills, and a good reason to explore unknown territory. 

Let your journey upwards begin here.

What's included in the Gap Year Thailand Rock Climbing Package?

Rock Climbing Courses
Rock I Course | Beginner top-rope climbing

Rock climbingTwo part course starting with an in-shop ground school session followed by an afternoon on the rocks.

This course covers the basic skills needed for technical rock climbing.

We'll cover topics including safety considerations, climbing techniques, use of equipment, basic knots, belaying, and abseiling/rappelling.

Bouldering Session

BoulderingBouldering is a great way to practice and improve your climbing skills. Boulders range from around 3-5m high, but the climber ascends no higher than he can safely fall from.

Work with one of our experienced instructors on your climbing technique in one of Koh Tao’s legendary boulder fields, perfect for increasing your confidence level.

Island View Abseil Experience

Koh Tao island view abseilPerched high on one of the tallest peaks on Koh Tao, you will discover the art of abseiling/ rappelling. After your initial training you should be comfortable with the equipment and ready to abseil down a 25m vertical cliff.

After gaining confidence, we will then move up to our 30m overhanging abseil, where you will be suspended high above the canopy with panoramic views over half the island.

Rock II Course | Advanced Anchor Building

Koh Tao Thailand rock climbing courseTwo part course starting with a detailed ground school concentrating on the principals of top-rope anchor systems.

The session will concentrate on equalization of rock climbing protection, route selection, anchor site selection and assessing and backing of fixed anchors.

The outdoor portion of the course will be spent atop the cliffs building basic anchor systems and then climbing on the work we have done.

The next day we will then take all your new skills and head up to the rocks to concentrate on working on advanced climbing techniques.

Body & Mind | Yoga, Climbing & Massage

Bouldering course in ThailandTo finish your week, we will concentrate on preparing your body and mind for a session on the rocks. The day starts with a personal Yin2Yang Yoga session on our deck, which focuses the mind and prepares the body with specific stretches for climbing.

We will then head out to the rocks and do what climbers like to do best… climb! The day is topped off with a Thai massage conducted by an experience massage therapist giving your body a well deserved pampering.


You'll get your own place - a clean, fan room within close walking distance of the school, also near many shops, restaurants, ATMs and the beach [i.e. everything you need].

All Rock Climbing Course Materials


Rock climbing Thailand

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