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Gap year internships in Koh Tao Thailand

Who Takes an Internship in Thailand and Why?

For many enrolling in an gap year internship program is a way of satisfying a desire to explore a pursuit which has long captivated them. By enrolling in a structured program, this allows people to define and achieve their own personal limits in a certain discipline while expanding their knowledge base.

PADI Divemaster / Instructor Scuba Diving Internships

For the dive interns, the driving force is undoubtedly a love of the aquatic world and a desire to have a positive effect on the environment. Countless hours have been spent on undersea documentary film-making and the likes of National Geographic, the BBC, the Discovery Channel and David Attenborough have stretched many people’s imaginations and sense of wonderment, setting into motion a chain of events which has resulted in untold numbers of people wanting to explore the hidden treasures of the sea. Fulfilling a professional-level diver training course and becoming a conduit for introducing others to a new and exciting world is without a doubt one of the most gratifying work experiences most will ever have.

Koh Tao Thailand PADI Divemaster internships

Muay Thai Boxing

The motivations for enrolling in a Muay Thai Boxing internship are many and varied. Among other things, they come to engage in a storied and culturally eye-opening art form, reshape their bodies into their personal ideals by employing discipline and hard work, or even to face their fears by taking on a real opponent in the ring in a true-to-life blood sport.

Muay thai boxing training camp on Koh Tao Thailand

Apnea Freediving

Our apnea freediving interns have often told us of how they were inspired to become involved in freediving after watching the legendary 1988 Luc Besson movie The Big Blue, or while on holiday in Greece watching the local fishermen freedive down for their meals. Taking a single breath of air and slowly finning your way down to 40 meters while exploring the silent world of the sea, surfacing calmly minutes later, is something that only a handful of people on the planet will ever experience. Having the ability to do so, in full knowledge that your training and fortitude has prepared you, is truly awe-inspiring.

Gap year Freediving internships

Underwater Videography Internship

Our underwater videography internship trainees tell us of discovering a fantastic way to combine, and make a career of, what to many people are two of their great passions in life- diving and filming. Many of the people who come to us for underwater video training are already quite experienced divers who are looking to try something new in diving or who want to be able to document their dives while satisfying an urge for creative expression. Others are experienced with cameras to some degree, and have found a way to express themselves and their work in a totally unfamiliar environment. They relish dealing with the subtleties of applying the information to filming in surroundings which introduce so many more variables than land-based operations.  However, the vast majority of our videography trainees has little to no experience in diving or filming, but possesses an uncanny interest in both.

Underater videography gap year internships in Thailand

Marine Conservation Volunteer

These interns have a highly developed sense of social responsibility and a passionate desire to be a positive influence in the protection and proper management of our marine resources. They generally have a scientific background (though not required) and are comfortable in the collection and tabulation of information for submission to a number of environmental agencies. Their appreciation for the marine realm is a tangible expression of themselves.

Marine conservation diving internship

Technical Diving Training

For those enrolled on our technical dive internships (be aware, these people are not altogether ‘normal’), the main motivations are many, but high on everyone’s list are the opportunities to push their own physical limits and gain a sense of their ability to be self-reliant. Because tech diving has many inherent dangers, people’s problem-solving abilities and cool-headedness are at a premium. The adventure of entering a sunken Japanese warship submerged in 60+ meters of water in limited visibility does not appeal to everyone, but for the odd few (and we do mean ‘odd’), it can be the ultimate thrill.

Thailand technical diving internships

Gap Year Thailand Internships: Adventure... Education... Environment... Employment

To many, the allure of a Koh Tao internship is that it allows for a longer term immersion in a new culture while gaining valuable experience in an area of personal interest. Most of these programs will give valuable, hands-on experience which can be applied to a number of traditional career opportunities (Environmental, Fitness, Video, Teaching…) and many colleges and universities will allow students to complete our internships for credit towards a degree. For help with this, just contact Gary and Darius and they can be in touch with your college counselor, dean or department head.

In today’s tough economic times, loads of people are realizing that a prolonged job search while living in an expensive city like London may well lead to financial ruin. Alternatively, a few months internship which helps to develop job skills while living cheaply in paradise is increasingly seen as a wise investment. In addition, today’s employers see real value in a prospect’s adventurous spirit, and living overseas is a testament to the ability to embrace new challenges. The qualities that will ensure your success on our programs are by no coincidence the same that will ensure success in any job, and in life. Not to mention, you may also find that your true calling lies somewhere totally unexpected.

People have long been taking a gap year at some point in their lives to go on an overseas adventure, explore new cultures and open their eyes to the wider world around them. Our interns combine this travel with a few months of guided training which will further enrich their experience.

All of our gap year Thailand internship programs are centered on an extensive schedule and require a sense of discipline and self-respect while also demanding a certain amount of creativity and flexibility. These programs offer, by far, the best value for money in terms of adventure, education and environmental awareness of any in Asia.

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