Gap Year Thailand - Koh Tao Apnea Freediving Course

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Apnea FreeDiver & Advanced FreeDiver Package | 1 Week | 30,000 baht

Our one week apnea freediving package includes:

  • 1 weeks accommodation
  • Apnea FreeDiver course
  • Static Apnea Clinic
  • Apnea Advanced FreeDiver Course
  • Your own set of freediving equipment
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao
  • All course materials and certifications

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Koh Tao Thailand Apnea FreeDiving Course | Overview

Apnea freediving on Koh Tao ThailandApnea [otherwise know as freediving] is the sport of diving underwater on a single breath. It is an extreme activity!

Becoming a freediver opens up unlimited opportunities to explore and compete.

Compared to scuba, the independence of not needing a cylinder combined with the absolute silence of freediving, delivers a truly tranquil and exhilarating experience.

Under the expert supervision of our internationally renound freediving instructors, the results you'll achieve in this one week program are staggering.

You'll proceed through the Freediver course, static apnea clinic and Advanced Freediver course, by the end of which you can expect to be able to hold your breath for over 3 minutes, freediving down to depths of 30 - 40 meters!

Let's look in detail at exactly what's included.

Gap Year Thailand Freediving course | What's Included?

Apnea Freediving Training

Your one week of apnea freediving training involves three stages:

Step 1: Freediver Course

You'll run through some freediving basics, practicing breathing techniques and making controlled freedives to a maximum depth of 20 meters.

Step 2: Static Apnea Clinic

Next, we focus on advanced breath hold techniques which will allow you to hold your breath for more than 3 minutes!

Step 3: Advanced Freediver Course

Gap year Thailand freediving course on Koh TaoNow for the real deal! You combine everything you've learned so far and more to freedive down to 30-40 meters!

Course Materials & Certification Fees

The program includes all the course materials which you'll need for your freediving courses, plus the Freediver and Advanced Freediver certification cards.

Apnea Freediving Equipment

You'll also get your own complete set of new freediving gear to keep:

• Mask and Neoprene Mask strap
• Freediving Fins
• Nose Clip
• Snorkel
• Apnea weight belt
• T-shirt
• Gear bag to keep it all in!

Accommodation on Koh Tao

We'll arrange clean, comfortable accommodation for the duration of your one week freediving program.

This will be your own fan room, with 24 hour power, fan and en-suite western bathroom.

The accommodation will be within close walking distance of our freediving school on Sairee Beach Koh Tao, and with everything you need for a pleasant stay within the vicinity. That includes ATM machines and banks, Thai and Western restaurants, shops, bars and of course, the beach!


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