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[Padi Scuba Diving Internships]

Beginner to PADI Divemaster [2 months]

Beginner to PADI Instructor [7 months]

Underwater Videography Internship [2 months]

Marine Conservation Internship [6 weeks]

Technical Diving Training [2 weeks]

[Short Programs]

Ultimate Thailand 1 Month Program

Rock Climbing Adventure [1 Week]

Learn to Scuba Dive - PADI Course [4 days]

PADI Open Water course + Advanced Package [1 week]

Volunteer Marine Conservation Program [2 weeks]

[Muay Thai Boxing Training]

1 Month Thai Boxing

2 Months Thai Boxing

3 Months Thai Boxing

[Apnea Freediving]

Apnea Freediving Internship [6 weeks]

Apnea Training Package [1 week]


Ang Thong National Park Adventure [3 days]

Sailing Course + Ang Thong Trip [9 days]

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